Movie Review: Amanda Seyfried’s Gone

Pioneer Films in cooperation with SM Cinema gave a special screening of Amanda Seyfried’s movie “Gone

Gone is a movie about Jill (Amanda Seyfried), a girl who is troubled by her past, which is looked by others as “lunacy”. Jill was admitted to a mental institution after being abducted by an unknown assailant. She is continually being haunted by the horrors of the night she was abducted.

The suspect to her abduction was never to be found and there were no trace in the forest of her claims of a deep whole where she was placed along with other dead girls lying underneath the puddle of soil.

Jill lives together with a sister, who later on was nabbed in the middle of the night while Jill was on a shift in a local diner.

Apparently, Jill had a hunch that her sister was taken by the same abductor she had years ago, after “trails” of evidences leading to the same situation she had in the past.



Jill reported to authorities about the incident, but her story was just belittled to be a fickle of her “imagination” as the same to her claims.

She later on pushed to investigate on her own and got her leads after the other. One from a service van, duct tape, receipt and phone number.

As she tried to go after the suspect, Jill found herself in trouble against the police. So, while finding the assailant, she is hunted by police for carrying a loose firearm and pointing it at a person.

To cut the long story short, she found out that her instinct was right that the one who nabbed her sister is the same person who took her years back.

Surprisingly, her sister was just hidden under their house, with no traces of whatsoever that she was hidden there by the abductor matter of hours.

After which, Jill faced her assailant in the forest where she was trapped and, luckily escaped from before. There was a part though that while she was talking to her perpetrator told her that there were no signal within the area. Odd though, that the abductor was talking to her, guiding him all the way to the place.

Anyway, lo and behold, she found the place. It was the exact hole she was before. She saw the photos of all the victims of the guy, next to her and her sister’s photo. Then, she was pulled into the hole.

Another surprise again that she was able to fight against her enemy and managed to escape AGAIN.

Finally, she got the upperhand and killed her abductor and burned him right on the “killer hole.”

After which she came back to her sister who escaped while Jill was running after their abductor. Odd part again is that this “serial killer” who left no trace at all for policeman to find, was EASILY handled and killed by Jill.

As a whole, the movie was fine. Amanda Seyfried showed maturity in acting. Her expressive face, particularly the eyes, carried the role for her as a girl who is afraid that she might get abducted, who can be mistaken as a mentally-disturbed woman.

Gone is PG-13 and will be shown in select SM Cinemas on June 9. For more info on the schedule click HERE.

Thanks to Pioneer Films and SM Cinema for the opportunity to see the movie and review it.

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