Bea Alonso and John Llyod Cruz in “The Mistress”

The John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo tandem just keeps going, and now being bolder as they take more challenging and mature role in the movie The Mistress.

In a blog conference about the movie, John Llyod and Bea, plus director Olive Lamasan and writer Vanessa Valdez, went to answer a barage of question about them and the film.

Director Olive Lamasan that the concept was initially thought of more appropriate for an “indie type” of film, since the concept is provocative and bold for a film that is not typically produced by Star Cinema.

And yet after some brainstorming, Star Cinema people just went on to say “GO” for the film.

Bea Alonso, who plays as a mistress in the movie, said that at first she was hesitant to take the role, since she hasn’t made any movie similar to this.

However, at the back of her head, it was a challenging role.

John Lloyd Cruz, on the other hand, said he accepted even without seeing the script since he trusts Star Cinema executives for the career he is taking.

Both Bea Alonso and John Lloyd Cruz expressed that this movie brought out new things in their career and relationship with each other.

“After years of working with John Lloyd, ngayon lang ako mas naging open, mas relaxed that I can talk about anything.” said Bea Alonso.

Bea admitted that, by far, this movie proved to be the most challenging movie for her. Especially the part that she had to kiss Ronaldo Valdez, her benefactor in the movie, several times.

At first Bea Alonso felt awkward as she had worked with Valdez as her father. And for this movie, she has to work with Valdez now in an intimate role. But the veteran actor told her that Bea is secured since he will not take advantage over her.

On the other hand, John Lloyd said that for him, a sleek, assertive guy, who he played in the movie, was far from what he is in real life. And for him, that role is really tough. He jokingly mentioned his “try” of being a sleek guy in Europe, but the best communication he was able to do with a girl was a brief eye contact.

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