Karylle Accepts “Miladay’s” Engagement

Actress, singer, host Karylle Tatlonghari finally gave her big YES to a DIAMOND engagement. Whose girl wouldn’t, right? However, Karylle received a different kind of proposal.

This time, from Miladay. Miladay is known to be one of the country’s biggest jewelry manufacturer in the country. The 46 year old business “proposedd” to Karylle to be their first-ever brand ambassador. After nearly five decades of being in the fine jewelry business, Miladay chose Karylle as their endorser.

“It’s really an honor being THE first brand ambassador of Miladay. It’s a privilege getting to showcase all the fine jewelry that they do.” Karylle said during the presscon.

“When it was decided by the company to launch our campaign, we thought of having an endorser. It wasn’t hard for us to decide that Karylle should represent our brand. Since she embodies the qualities that we are looking for,” uttered Christine Dayrit, president of Miladay.

Miladay is a jewelry company started by Mila Dayrit. With a goal in mind for every Filipino to have a Miladay jewelry i hand, no matter how small it may be.

Karylle stars in Miladay’s new video entitled “Sacred Vow” directed by award-winning director Mark Meily and shot by Karylle’s former classmate at Ateneo de Manila University, cinematographer Carlo Mendoza (Asiong Salonga).

Karylle explains, “It is like being engaged to yourself. It is a brilliant concept that aims to inspire and remind people that loving one’s self is the ultimate key to one’s happiness. At this day and age, one does not need someone else to give one an engagement ring or a dream diamond or any precious jewel for that matter. It’s the best gift of love you can give yourself. I am so happy to be part of this campaign.”

Miladay Today is a big part of the Dayrits’ effort to fulfill founder Mila Salgado-Dayrit’s dream of each Filipino having a Miladay piece, no matter how small.

“My mom’s passion for local culture, love for her loyal workforce and gifted goldsmiths gave birth to Miladay’s collection, a showcase of Filipino artistry through beautifully handcrafter jewelry.” says Christine Dayrit, President of Miladay. “The legacy left by my parents continues to be our inspiration to make Miladay brand bigger, more trusted.”

Christine adds that her parents have imparted to them important business principles that they strictly uphold – honesty, integrity and reliability.

The success of MIladay, more than just being an entrepreneurial victory, is a beautiful tale of love – for God, of parents to children, children to parents, employers to employees, brand to consumers.

According to Christine, Miladay has kept their family working on the vision and legacy of their parents. Aside from her, other owners/ directors of Miladay Jewels are Michelle Dayrit-Soliven, Mark Dayrit, Yvonne Dayrit-Romualdez, and Jaqui Dayrit-Boncan.

Visit Miladay’s official website for info on their brances www.miladayjewels.com or contact them through 890-7738 or 890-6303


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