Philippine-Italian Association Promotes Culture via Movie Festival at Shangrila Cineplex

The 50 year old organization that promotes the friendly ties of Philippines and Italy launched recently a free monthly movie screening at the Shangri-la Cineplex. Philippine-Italian Association (PIA) in partnership with Shangri-la Plaza.

The PIA is a non-profit, cross-culturual educational organization created to enhance relations between Italy and the Philippines. PIA offers language related services, textbook and audio-visual library, cultural and social activity support services.

The organization kicked-off with the 1992 Oscar winner for Best Foreign Language Film “Mediterraneo,” a 1991 film depicting the World War II setting of a group of soldiers “lost” in an island.

Mediterraneo is just one of the movie titles in the archives of PIA’s library.

Personally, opportunities like this opens door to cultural education. For a movie “addict” like me, :-) having watched the movie gave me a glimpsed of how both their culture and film-making was during the 90’s. And though the language was in Italian, (aided with English subtitles) and yet the audience, me included, was attuned and entertained to the movie.


This can be a source of inspiration and education for Filipinos wanting to know more about Italy.

PIA is accepting membership for those people who are interested to join and to help the cause of the organization.

For more information, you can call Philippine-Italian Organization at 815-1310 / 892-7253 or visit their website at

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