SM Catchment Tank to Counter Floods in Baguio

SM Baguio City Plan

One of the best places to stay at almost anytime of the year is Baguio City. With its cold, inviting weather, sceneries and food, I can't thinkof any season that Baguio is not good to go to... Only of course, during hard rain. Despite its elevated location, we've seen Baguio City not being … [Read more...]

Urban Man-made Sky Garden in the Mall

SM North Sky Garden

Law of supply and demand. Very true in most cases, including real estate. As more people populate areas, lots continue to be fewer by the day. Thus, the emergence of rising buildings as residences. Same goes to both agricultural and ornamental lands, particularly in the urban areas in the … [Read more...]

EasyShop.PH Treats Online Sellers

Nelson Liao EasyShopPH

Philippine-based online sellers were treated to a night of dinner, prizes and, more importantly, a walkthrough of the newest online selling portal they can venture on, the EasyShop.PH. EasyShop.PH is a new online platform wherein both the buyers and sellers are secured in transacting with each … [Read more...]

Let’s Make Those Wobbly Tables Flat

Flat Pad

Aside from good food, great service and nice location, furniture design and comfort go along with the whole experience of a customer in a restaurant. And personally, I find it comforting and more enjoyable to eat, if the restaurant furniture are well designed and stable. However, it may not be a … [Read more...]

Food Stall Franchise Options from Stallmart

Stallmart-Food-Franchise 07

For many years, we have seen how big businesses have grown. While businesses grow, one of the benefits that has brought companies to spread to places is due to the wonders of FRANCHISING. It is one of the biggest and greatest inventions of men. It helps both the business owner/s (franchisor) and … [Read more...]

P&G, Puregold Unite for the First VIPuring Convention

P&G Puregold VIPuring 05

It is common in Filipino communities to have small convenient stores or "sari-sari" stores in almost every corner of streets. This is probably one of the most common micro businesses in the country where it is started right at the comforts of own houses. This "sari-sari store" business concept is … [Read more...]

KALESA is in the Business of Helping People

Kalesa Customized Body

If you’ve been thinking of helping other Filipinos and don’t know how… Or maybe wanting to do business but do not have any idea what exactly to venture on? Hmmm… Then maybe you haven’t looked at everything yet. What if you can do both? Do business on your own and help others as well? Pretty … [Read more...]