KALESA is in the Business of Helping People

If you’ve been thinking of helping other Filipinos and don’t know how… Or maybe wanting to do business but do not have any idea what exactly to venture on? Hmmm… Then maybe you haven’t looked at everything yet.

What if you can do both? Do business on your own and help others as well?

Pretty neat, right?

That’s exactly what the Kalesa Kinulayan Philippines People’s Organization, Inc.  or KALESA is doing. KALESA is an organization involve in a social entrepreneurship program.

Kalesa Kinulayan Philippines People's Organization, Inc.

How exactly, you might ask?

Here’s a thing or two that might interest you, the same way it interests me.

What does KALESA do?


KALESA helps both the indigent and financially-able Filipinos to be entrepreneurial thru distribution and selling.

KALESA sells different products. From the distribution and selling is where both the distributors and the beneficiaries or KALESA ambassadors earn.

KALESA’s means to curb poverty is through social entrepreneurship. To understand more about the condition of the Philippines, here is a quick look.

PH Poverty Info by KalesaPhilippines from Rey Belen on Vimeo.

KALESA has a technology that sets it apart. It is its mobility to distribute goods what proves to be its greatest strength. It has the KALESA electric carts to sell the products that the organization carries.


Kalesa e-Cart

Current models of the KALESA e-Cart can carry up to 600 kilogram of goods. It runs on battery-power and can travel up to 60 kilograms per battery set. Each cart has two sets to make it 120 kilometers of roving range.

The technology of the KALESA makes it a thing of the future for RETAIL and DISTRIBUTION system in the country.

Best of all, it also makes it really cool for advertiser to post their brands, since each KALESA e-Cart is a looker.

So how does KALESA help?


KALESA Beneficiaries


The organization selects from the poor citizens of a barangay pre-selected by the local church and local government unit. From there, KALESA trains the eager and qualified residents. KALESA distribution center is nearly located to be beneficiaries of what are called KALESA Ambassadors.

Each KALESA Ambassador earns in proportion to the amount of the goods he or she sells using the assigned KALESA e-Cart.

Kalesa Beneficiaries

Two KALESA Ambassadors benefit from one KALESA e-Cart.

It is close to saying that a KALESA distribution center with 10 carts can help, at least 50 individuals, or 50 additional families being able to have another shot at earning decent living.

But wait, how about the other Filipinos who want to do business through KALESA?


KALESA Distributorship


Now, if you want to have your very own KALESA distribution center, then, here’s your chance to have a retail and distribution business while helping people in your own community.

If you’re an OFW, government or private company employee, or just entrepreneurial, then you can venture in KALESA distribution center.

A KALESA distribution center is ideal to set-up in at least a 100-sqm property. This size is sufficient for a warehouse and mini-store for walk-ins.


The rights to operate a KALESA distribution center costs Php 2.5 million which includes:

  • Php 1 million worth of MyHouse pre-fab building (for a 100-sqm. property),
  • Php 500 thousand worth of goods,
  • Lease to Four (4) KALESA e-Carts

Each distributor earns through the sales of the goods within the distribution center, either through walk-in customers or through the e-Carts.

Or you can also own a KALESA e-Cart, but it is advised to be close to an area with a KALESA distribution center where goods (at special prices) is sourced and for technical, marketing support.

An investment of Php 175,000 for one KALESA e-Cart is needed. This includes:

  • Php 50,000 worth of goods
  • Lease of KALESA e-CART

Kalesa Fleet

KALESA e-CARTS are only leased because the e-Carts are assigned to indigent families. This ensures that the primary objective to help indigent Filpinos are maintained at all cost – and not set aside – in the exchange of purely earning.


KALESA Needs Your Help to Help More People

KALESA, with its new campaign, #MyNewPhilippines, is out is on its infant stage and needs all the help it can get to fund and to raise more distribution centers across the country and help as many Filipinos as it can.

The organization offers four programs for concern Filipinos to participate in this social enterprise: iGive, iPartner, iCare and iShare.



KALESA is taking baby steps in organizing and setting up. As a social enterprise, it runs on funds for its social service advocates. Concern individuals can also contribute in the works of fabricating more KALESA e-Carts for more indigents to benefit.

Kalesa Donation


KALESA is now raising 10 million pesos to fabricate additional 100 carts to help at least 200 families.

Cash donations can be deposited at any BPI branch to Kalesa Kinulayan Philippines Peoples Organization, Inc. with account number: 00-0793-2207-74.



iPartner gives opportunities to companies, enterprising individuals, overseas Filiipino workers (OFWs), company or government employees to partner with KALESA organization in different ways.

Business with Kalesa

Companies can be suppliers of goods to be sold in KALESA distribution chain or as advertisers on the e-Carts, while enterprising individuals can be baranggay or district distributors in different areas.


iCare is a volunteer program of KALESA for people to share their time, skills, knowledge and care to the organization. Willing and able Filipinos are needed by the organization to push the potential of the cause to finish greater tasks.

Kalesa Volunteer



In the advent of social media, KALESA believes in the power the influence of every Filipino. Philippines being the social media capital of the world, KALESA hopes that concern individuals can share the pages of KALESA to their friends and relatives, making it highly-visible to the public.

Sharing Kalesa to Others

iShare encourages Filipinos to like, follow and share the social networking accounts of KALESA on Facebook, Twitter  Instagram  YouTube and its website at www.KalesaPhilippines.com

So, if you’re thinking of better ways to help others, then, this could be it.

For more information about the KALESA organization visit their website at www.KalesaPhilippines.com or email them at info@KalesaPhilippines.com or contact them at 0908-433-3373 or 0942-832-2787.

Kalesa Customized Body

You may refer to the following for more info. You can also like, follow and share KALESA’s social accounts.

WEBSITE: http://www.KalesaPhilippines.com
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/KalesaPhilippines


Personally, I am involved in the organization. I am one of the advocates. I believe in the concept and advocacy it promotes. Empowering Filipinos from any social strata is a key ingredient for our country to progress.

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